Anti-Aging, Health, and Wellness (LUX CBD by BGI)

Anti-Aging, Health, and Wellness

Our line of everyday massage oil named LUX is developed to give your body that beneficial delivery of CBD directly to your sore areas.  The LUX line can be used on all parts of the body and deliver the healing qualities to your skin and muscles without an overwhelming heat sensation or that annoying athletic smell.   LUX will deliver all of these benefits with a beautiful smell of Cedar Wood and Lavender. Feel confident as you go about your everyday business and know that you don’t smell like you just came from a gym. 

Our oral line of products are used by clients to help increase their energy levels.   The oral line allows our users to get the internal balance needed to increase metabolism, muscle development, and recovery.  This internal improvement will give you the energy and comfort to attack whatever your day holds for you.